Supporting our Preachers

Throughout the Circuit on the 20th May 2012, we celebrated Leaders of Worship and Preachers Sunday, formerly known as Local Preachers Sunday.

lwptw_strapIn our worship on this particular Sunday we gave thanks for the ongoing vital place our Preachers and Worship Leaders are called to fulfil in the life of our Church, prayed for that ministry and, as we were able, gave it our financial support through the work of the Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust (LWPT).

Most of us are still finding out about LWPT and the essential role it has in providing support for our preachers and through them the leadership they give to our worship Sunday by Sunday, especially as there is no longer a specific Local Preachers’ Department within the Church’s organisation.

So what does LWPT do for our worship leaders and preachers which, in turn, is a crucial benefit to us in the congregation?

Each preacher/worship leader receives a free quarterly magazine containing helpful articles, useful information, details of events, exchange of views through readers’ letters etc.

The LWPT website provides a wealth of resources to assist preachers and leaders. Currently this is visited by 2,500 users every week and its use has been growing rapidly.

A tremendous amount of time, effort and expertise goes into the training of our local preachers both by tutors and the candidates themselves and LWPT are most supportive in this direction through conferences, meetings and continuing Local Preacher Development.

LWPT can also provide financial support for preachers suffering hardship and provides Christian residential care in their “Westerley” homes located at Westcliff-on-Sea, Grange-over-Sands, Woodhall Spa and Minehead.

The only way LWPT can continue “enabling the best for worship + the best in time of need” is through the generous giving by individuals and churches. This is an organisation from which all of us benefit week by week, as we both prepare for and participate in Sunday worship.