House Groups

Monday Evening House Group

Meets: Generally 1st & 3rd Monday of each month in a member’s home at 20:00.
Contact: David Morgan

We meet twice a month on Mondays.  We aim to provide a welcome and to nourish and strengthen people in their Christian journey.

The group has been meeting for some years and we have a mix of long-timers and new starters and people who dip in occasionally – giving the group a great mixture.  We comprise about a dozen people (mostly in our 50s to 70s), though rarely more than 8 or 10 at any meeting.

We follow a bible-based theme, with the aim of exploring our faith and learning more of God and more of each other - though it is fair to say that we don't always stick too closely to the theme!

During 2017 we spent the first half of the year looking at "Rivers of Justice" across Old and New Testament, with a break to study the Church's Lent Book "Nails".  We then moved onto a study of the Letter to the Philippians, with a break for the Advent Study Book "Christmas Through the Keyhole".

Meetings are relatively informal – we spend almost as much time on coffee, tea and chat as we do on study.  Why not join us?

David Morgan
February 2018

Wednesday Study Group

Meets: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month in the Bradbury Centre at 14:00.
Contact: Rosi MorganBarry

Perhaps we should call ourselves "Wednesday at Two" although we meet only on the second and fourth Wednesdays in the month, usually in Luke.

We have had brief excursions looking at "Christmas through the Keyhole" (our Advent book) and beginning to study what the Bible says about food – part of our commitment as an Eco-Church.  For most of the year we have been working through the book of Revelation and it was tough going at times.  We braved the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, plagues and earthquakes, fire and brimstone, beasts and dragons, battles and burnings, bowls of wrath, thunders, lightnings and hailstones and the pit of hell!

But it was not all so difficult.  We marvelled at the magnificence of the Risen Jesus as pictured in the first chapter, and the descriptions of the Worship in Heaven brought the choruses of Handel's Messiah to our minds.

Far more down to earth were the letters sent by the Risen Jesus to the Seven Churches of Asia.  They are all very similar.  Jesus commends them for the good things; rebukes them for their failings and challenges them to a greater commitment.  One church had lost the warmth of its love and some of them had compromised their faith by following the ways of the society around them.  As we thought about these letters we wondered what sort of letter Jesus would write to Rose Street.  This grew into an open letter published in Greetings, which thought about our worship and our faithful service and the ways we were meeting community needs with Christian love.  It ended with challenges to our habits of prayer and study as well as calling us to consider if we too were compromising with the ways of society.

Finally we came to the beautiful vision of the City of God coming down from heaven with the announcement "Now God's home is with mankind! He will live with them".  Strange, we thought, this is so different from what we usually say about "going to heaven".  Whatever, we have a glorious hope to look forward to.  Throughout the book we could see the encouragement being given to Christians living in difficult times – God was in control; and still is.

John Williams
February 2018

Thursday-At-Two House Group

Meets: 1st & 3rd Thursdays in the month in a member’s home at 14:00.
Contact: Malcolm Ray-Smith

We appreciate the hospitality we receive at the member's home.

We continue to meet in the home of Mrs Shirley Beasley at 61 Bean Oak Road and appreciate her hospitality. We meet on the first and third Thursdays each month at Two in the afternoon.

In the Spring of 2017 we discussed the book recommended for study by the whole church for Lent and from April to September thought about the Fruits of the Spirit, in October and November we talked about Prayer and in December discussed "Walking backwards for Christmas".  We are currently studying the life of David.

Members each contribute a pound at each meeting.  From time to time we donate the proceeds to such charities as we feel led to support.  During the past year we made donations to the Disasters Emergency Appeal for Africa, The Alzheimers Café at the Church and The Angels Christmas Tree Appeal.

Malcolm Ray-Smith
February 2018