Stewards’ Annual Report (February 2018)

As always, the Stewards have enjoyed working with and supporting Catherine, especially during a particularly stressful spell early in the year.

We welcomed Tony Briggs back into the fold in April and were very fortunate that Liz Goddard offered to continue for another year to maintain our compliment of six.  Nevertheless, very occasionally, we have had to seek support from previous stewards and for that we are very grateful.  The group of Welcoming Stewards play an extremely important role on Sunday mornings, as do those commandeered at short notice to act as additional Safety Stewards should the need arise.  We also appreciate those who, unfailingly, accept the request to distribute the Offering Bags during the service.  These tasks, though perhaps small in themselves, are very important.  So, if you feel able to volunteer from time to time in any way (and there is always room for more), please talk to any of the Stewards.

Apart from our rather obvious Sunday duties, at least one Steward attends all Church committees, keeping in touch with all activities and offering support as required.  Another 'Welcome Tea' was hosted in October for new members while Stewards and their spouses pampered themselves with a self-provided meal in August.  Celebrations of our church's 200th anniversary, largely centred on a locally publicised exhibition and two special services, were held throughout the summer.  However, a proposed concert in October had to be dropped due to lack of support.  A Harvest Festival lunch was organised and the local Salvation Army gratefully accepted all our gifts.  An on-going concern has been the town redevelopment work with its associated car-parking problems and we much appreciate the continuing support of the congregation and other users despite this.  Perhaps understandably, we have not held an evacuation drill to test these circumstances but, rest assured, stewards do know how they would cope if required.

As we prepare for the introduction of new members, those stewards moving on pray for God's blessing on the continuing work of the team and trust that their contribution in the past has been truly acceptable to Him.

Andrew Honeyman