FairtradeGWe are a Fairtrade Church

This means that we support Fair Trade whenever we can.  There are three strands to our certification, as we commit to do the following:

  • serving Fair Trade tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits at all our events
  • supporting and publicising Fair Trade Fortnight
  • supporting and publicising the sale of other Fair Trade items whenever we can.

We do this magnificently, and on behalf of people all over the world whose lives are the better for it, so a huge thank you!

'The fields of the poor may produce abundant food but injustice sweeps it away.'
Proverbs 13.23

Report (February 2015)

During February / March we are celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight (23 February – 8 March), and there will be a Traidcraft stall – with Easter eggs – on March 1st.

Can I start by thanking you all hugely for your wonderful support – last year I sold nearly £3400 of Traidcraft goods at Rose Street, which will have made a huge difference to many people's lives all over the world.  Many of you have generously told me to 'keep the change' over that time, and what I usually do every few months is to send a donation of the accumulated amount to Traidcraft Exchange, Traidcraft's charity which works in development with our suppliers, providing the training, skills, knowledge and investment to enable smallholder farmers to finally escape the poverty cycle they are stuck in and grow more, earn more and eat more.  And for the next month we have the opportunity to double the impact of our donations, as the UK Government is contributing matched funding to Traidcraft's Fair Necessities Appeal - every £1 I send will become £2.  I will send whatever I have amassed by Easter off to this appeal, and thank you in anticipation for any change you would like to contribute!

Pam Thompson