Home Mission

(Mission & Ministry in Britain)

What is it?

Home Mission supports a variety of important work in communities throughout the UK.  Every donation given, no matter how large or small, goes to help support those various projects.

What does it support?

Giving to Mission and Ministry in Britain empowers people to use their talents to do God's work throughout the UK through the following:

  • Evangelism, training and resources, nourishing new congregations, mission in rural areas and grants to local churches and circuits;
  • Support for children's work and engaging with young people;
  • In prisons and industry;
  • Interfaith, ethnic and community initiatives;
  • Supporting our heritage;
  • Making the best use of our assets to serve our communities.

Will my donation make a difference?

In 2017/2018 a total of approximately £200 was received from collection boxes and other donations.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave so generously!

We respond generously with our time, money and actions to help those in need.  In Mission Matters there are stories of the work supported by the Mission in Britain Fund in places all over the UK.  Continued giving to this fund gives people the opportunity to engage in mission and outreach in their local communities.

The attached leaflet contains includes examples of how the money is used.  Please download it or contact Margaret Norton for more information.

Attachment (205Kb): HM_Leaflet_2017.pdf