Reflection for the week 15 October

In the letter to the Galatians (chapter 5) Paul lists the 'fruits of the Spirit'.  On a recent visit to Hereford Cathedral I found a poster in the children's section with pictures of these fruits.  They were:

Love is a strawberry, because it is heart-shaped;

Joy – an orange; each segment can make a smiley mouth;

Peace was a pineapple, because you cut it into 'peaces';

Patience – a kiwi fruit. You need patience to remove all the pipe from your teeth;

Kindness is found in grapes as they are kindly given to people in hospital;

Goodness – blueberries, they are super good for you;

Faithfulness is found in bananas, because they bunch together faithfully;

Gentleness was a peach which is soft and gentle inside, and

Self-control was an apple – Eve did not have any self-control when tempted by an apple!

What would Paul have thought?  In verse 16, he tells his readers: 'Live by the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh'.  Let's hope he would allow us a little real fruit by which to remember spiritual fruits!

Rosi MorganBarry