Reflection for the Week 16th June 2019

The Time to plant a Geum

We moved into our present home on a lovely warm June day in 1975. It was a new house built on the site of an earlier wooden bungalow so we inherited what had previously been a well maintained garden, which had been neglected for a couple of years while in the hands of the developer and the builders.

In the back garden I built a raised bed, where I planted bulbs in winter and bedding plants in summer, but I have now changed this bed to be mainly perennials. One of the plants I chose was a Geum and it was kept alive through the drought of last summer by regular watering and this spring it is putting up a display of gorgeous red flowers.

The front garden is about sixty feet square where I laid a rockery and patches of heathers among winding stone paths, and a bed of roses but the acid soil in Finchampstead did not suit the roses and after a while we scrapped them to extend the turn round space in our drive. The heathers were much admired by various passers- by and thrived for over forty years until the drought of 2018. This year I cleared a lot of dead heathers away and am starting again with new heather plants, but I was so pleased with the red Geum in my raised bed that I have bought new Geum plants, red, orange and yellow, to set among the new heathers.

Our God never changes, yet he is always doing new things. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a time for everything and for me this is the time to replant heathers but adding the new Geums. What are the new plants or ideas that you have discovered – and is it the time for you to attempt something new?


Malcolm Ray-Smith