Reflection for the Week 20 May 2018

"Do not put out The Spirit's fire"

Today we are celebrating Pentecost. Jesus had returned to The Father and sent His Spirit to remain with us for comfort and guidance.

Talking with a Christian friend recently, he was wondering where the gifts of The Spirit were that had been promised to the Church, such as Prophesy, Healing, Speaking in tongues.

The Rev. Brian Hoare, one time Principal of Cliff College, a Methodist ministerial training college, had returned to the college to lead a seminar on "Music in Worship". He had just written his latest hymn as yet unpublished (in our hymnbook), "Born in Song". This coincided with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of John Wesley's visit to nearby Sheffield.

He had asked the London Emmanuel Choir to sing it during the closing service of the seminar. A coach was hired to Sheffield and as many members of the choir who were free that weekend travelled to Cliff College.

It was a memorable service. The choir sang "Born in Song", still in manuscript form, then in a moment of silence, someone spoke in tongues. There was a pause then Brian Hoare asked if anyone had an interpretation. Someone else said that he had. It was, as far as I can remember, a message of encouragement for God's people, to keep going, to keep singing. Brian thanked the speaker and added that it was the message that he also had received.

What I learnt that day was that The Holy Spirit can come in gentleness as a breeze, or as a dove, not always as a mighty wind and is not to be feared. It was good to experience that day the reality of His living presence.

In Thessalonians 5 it says: "Do not put out The Spirit's fire."

Do we fully recognise His presence and power in our lives today?

                                                                                                                                            Angela Burrell