Reflection for August 2019

"The Lord planted a garden in Eden"

I have spent many happy hours in my garden during this lovely weather, when it hasn't been too hot. The idea is to work a little then put the kettle on and sit with my cup of tea to enjoy it!

This has to be the year of the Bindweed. It seems to be everywhere, curling round and pulling down the other plants. My neighbour seems to like it as hers reaches the tops of her trees and bushes and the white flowers appear at the tops as if in glee. The problem for me is that it likes to come under the fence to my garden too!

We are encouraged by horticulturists to grow a wild garden. I already have one, dominated by the dreaded Bindweed. There are other weeds of course, but this one has to be the worst.

Despite this very determined weed there is beauty and colour too. My Roses have been lovely this year, and, provided I water the garden, my crops to eat are doing well.

As I sit with my cup of tea and look around, I am so grateful to have a garden. The work is enjoyable, and hard, but the rewards are many. Water is vital too as it is for us, to live and grow.

The lessons are many too. Gardening can be hard work, but then so is life. A garden is a blessing, but the Bindweed, or sin, has to be kept in check. How easily sin in our lives can pull us away from God.

Let us deal with the weeds, then God will fill our lives with love and joy if we let Him.

Angela Burrell