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mors - friendship for all

Meets: 1st Tuesday of each Month in the Church at 19:30.  Contact: Tony King

MORS is a Church Social Group open to “Methodists of Rose Street”, and to all other friends of the Church.  Our main aims are to encourage friendships to grow and to welcome everyone into the overall Church family.

We try to meet these aims by arranging:
  • A Monthly Programme of talks followed by refreshments
  • Visits and Excursions to places of interest
  • Concerts
  • An Annual Dinner and Anniversary Service

A further aim is to raise funds in support of Church activities and Local Charities.

Future Programme

20 February
Annual Dinner at 'The Bull', Arborfield
        Booking required

 6 March
It's Fun to be Fooled
        Simon Williams      change to published programme

10 March
Reading Male Voice Choir Concert
        Booking required

 3 April
My Experiences Training with the Cosmonauts at Star City, Russia
        Jane Simpson

 1 May
A Long Walk across England
        Graham Hom

 5 June
Lies and Excuses - Going through Customs
        Malcolm Nelson

12 June
Outing to Lacock Village and Museum
        Lunch in Chippenham - Booking required

Monthly Review
Event Reports

At our March meeting Tom Way had us enthralled with his excellent presentation on the activities and behaviour of wildlife.

Tom is a professional wildlife photographer, producing dramatic images of birds and mammals throughout the world.  For our talk however he concentrated mainly on the UK, and his impressive photographs ranged from blue tits to red deer.  He explained the importance of catching his subjects against an attractive background but also pointed out that to capture the image in the pose he wanted often meant spending days in uncomfortable hides and positions.  For example to capture a remarkable close-up of the face of a water vole, Tom spent 4 days standing waist-deep in water during the month of January.  Dedication indeed!  Other creatures that presented a similar challenge included hares in the snow (superbly camouflaged), puffins in full comical flight, and kingfishers diving into the waters.  Tom put in a special plea for animal lovers to feed and protect our old companion the hedgehog, whose numbers have declined 30-fold over the last decade. Water, tinned cat-food and leaving gaps under fences he said all help.

MORS Choir18We were delighted to welcome back the Revd Nick Thompson, accompanied by Pam, to lead our MORS Anniversary services, which he did in his usual positive style.  The MORS Male Voice Choir, under Eileen Goode's expert guidance, again kept up their high standard and thoroughly deserved the applause of the whole congregation.  We also enjoyed our usual session of Community Hymn Singing – this year Chris Barker introduced the hymns in a positive and thoughtful style.

Future Events

On Tuesday 20th February we will be holding our Annual Dinner at 'The Bull at Arborfield'.

The talk originally planned for 5th December will take place at our 6th March meeting, when Simon Williams of the Magic Circle will tell us "It's Fun to be Fooled".

The concert by the Reading Male Voice Choir will take place at the Church on Saturday March 10th at 7.30pm, and we are delighted to hear that the charming and highly talented soprano Lori Tingay Weber will also be performing at the concert.  Tickets (price £10) are available from Gerry Higson or from the serving hatch in the Meeting Place Coffee House.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Guy Masdin

Annual Review  (February 2018)

It's worth drawing to attention the aim of MORS which is not only for members of the Church but also in our outreach to the wider community – we meet this aim by arranging:

· A Monthly Programme of talks followed by refreshments.
· Visits and Excursions to places of interest
· Concerts
· An Annual Dinner and Anniversary Service

A further aim is to raise funds to support Church activities and Local Charities.

This past year MORS has again enjoyed a full programme with strong support for our activities.  An average of around 60 people attended our monthly talks which were far ranging from the production of 'A Painting Before Your Eyes' to 'The Changing Face of Reading' in photographs.  It's also a pleasure to see everyone staying on afterwards in the Meeting Place to enjoy refreshments and a chat.

We also enjoyed visits to Sudeley Castle and to Windsor Castle - decorated with Christmas trees.

We welcomed back the Revd. Nick Thompson to conduct our Anniversary Service in February.  Community Hymn Singing was led by Christine Barker prior to the evening service.  And of course, the MORS Male Voice Choir raised everyone's spirits by their enthusiastic and professional contribution under their conductor Eileen Goode - reaching the climax with 'We'll go in the strength of the Lord'.  It was a pleasure to have our own Minister taking part in the Service.

We maintained tradition by holding our Annual Dinner at 'The Bull' at Arborfield.

The Reading Phoenix Choir gave a first-class concert and, at time of writing, we are looking forward to the Reading Male Voice Choir in March.  Our old friends the British Airways Band are returning to give a concert in October.  We are grateful to Malcolm Souter for taking over the arrangements of the concerts in future.  The proceeds from the concerts make a considerable contribution to our Charity funds.

Tony King (Secretary)