The Church Choir at Rose Street is the only permanent one in the local Methodist Circuit.

Apart from the month of August and occasional holiday weekends, we meet on a regular basis throughout the year, on a Friday evening from 7:45 till 9:15 approx.  As well as leading the singing in our weekly morning services, we try to provide an anthem on a fortnightly basis, supplemented by extra items on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

Annual Report (February 2019)

'Friday night is music night' – well, it was back in radio days.  It still is for our church choir who meet regularly to practise the Sunday hymns and any pieces for anthems on special days in the church calendar.  One of the tasks we have set ourselves this year is to learn some of the 'new' hymns in Singing the Faith, some of which are lovely – but difficult!

We are very grateful to our three organists: Leslie, Bob and Tom; to Andrew who keeps us (more or less) in order on Friday nights and to Eileen, our musical director who guides us through new pieces.  But we all remember those radio days – which is a sign of our collective maturity, so we would welcome any younger members who can come and sing with us.  As an added incentive, Andrew has a fund of wonderful jokes which we all enjoy at the end of each practice!

Rosi MorganBarry