The Church Choir at Rose Street is the only permanent one in the local Methodist Circuit.

Apart from the month of August and occasional holiday weekends, we meet on a regular basis throughout the year, on a Friday evening from 7:45 till 9:15 approx.  As well as leading the singing in our weekly morning services, we try to provide an anthem on a fortnightly basis, supplemented by extra items on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

Annual Report (February 2018)

As a choir we owe an enormous amount of gratitude for the organists.  Sadly since the demise of Colin Wells we are down to only three – Leslie, Tom and Bob.  With Bob ill for a few weeks we were very glad to see him back.  It is a wonder that the organists have been able to turn out every week and cover for each other, with no need to plead for pianists for Sunday mornings and that they put up with the choir on Friday evenings when we sometimes struggle to master new hymns.

During the year we said 'goodbye' to Jean Sharp who, although she hadn't been singing with us for some time, had been a long serving member of the choir.  Shirley has also been missing through illness at times and we are very pleased to see her when she is fit and well.  Trevor celebrated his 90th birthday in March; we hope that his deep bass voice will continue to add to the range of voices for a long time.

Along with the Church as a whole we are an aging group and would welcome new members at any time.  We meet for choir practice every Friday evening to 'rehearse' for Sunday and work on anthems a few weeks before they are performed.  Do come and join us – there is often a great deal of laughter on Fridays.

Barbara Scrutton