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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 19 July 2024

from Kim Tame

Kate Adie’s book, “Nobody’s Child” is an interesting read.  It’s about the experience of being adopted - her own, and that of others.  It describes how some of the basic questions we might be asked about ourselves can present difficulties for people who have been adopted.  Questions like, What is your name?  Where were you born?  What's your mother's name?  What's your ethnic group?  What's your nationality?  can be significant grey areas.  At the time she was adopted, the various agencies involved were under no obligation to pass on any information about the birth parents.

What's your religion?  is a question which can make a huge difference to how someone is brought up, and the community they have around them.  Kate Adie was only two weeks old when she was taken home by a Roman Catholic couple; she did not know what went wrong, but they returned her to the adoption society after just five days.  Not long afterwards, Mr and Mrs Adie arrived, which meant Kate was brought up as "a good little Methodist". 

Some of the people she interviewed for the book were abandoned as babies or toddlers, and the answers to those basic questions are forever out of reach.

Who are we, really?  We have many identifiers.  Name and address, National Insurance numbers, NHS numbers. Usernames and passwords, account numbers and PINs; not forgetting the little box to tick to prove we are human, not robots.

The Bible, too, speaks of adoption.  In Ephesians 1:4, adoption is used as an image of God's salvation, with God as our father and a new life.  The question of identity, who we are really, can be described in many familiar metaphors; we are a new creation, treasure in earthen vessels, a child of God.  We're going to hear this verse on Sunday; "You are the light of the world.... let your light shine."  

The All Age Worship service on Sunday will be led by Rev. Catherine Bowstead, with music accompanied by the music group.

Kim Tame

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Weekly Pastoral Letter - 12 July 2024

from Revd Catherine Bowstead

Dear Friends,

This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the unveiling of our Mosaic Fish Sculpture in Peach Place.  You will remember how we thought about the symbolism of the fish and the exciting day when the sculpture was unveiled.  I’m very proud that a video about our sculpture features on the website of Methodist Heritage under the section about commissioning an artwork to enhance “Telling your Story”.  The video is also on our Church website, so you may want to look at it to remind yourself of that very happy occasion 5 years ago.  Why not pause to look at the fish next time you’re in Peach Place and encourage your friends to take a look too.

In our service last Sunday, we began a summer series of a journey through A Methodist Way of Life.  I encouraged each member of the congregation to identify their “home station” and so I hope that you’ve found it helpful to spend some time reflecting on your home station in the past week.  This Sunday we’ll be thinking about the practices of “Pray”, “Worship” and “Notice” as stations on the way and reflecting on how these practices can help us to be more effective in our discipleship.

If you read the Wokingham Today newspaper you will have noticed that we have been providing the “Church Notes” articles for the last few weeks.  I am grateful to Rosi, David, Claire and Kim who have joined me in writing these important contributions - I am sure that they will appreciate any comments that you may wish to make to them about the topic they selected for their particular article.

I hope you have a good week

With every blessing


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