Sunday Worship

Following a period of suspension, we resumed Sunday morning worship in the Church on Sunday 6th September.  We had to suspend again for the English lockdown, but plan to restart on Sunday 6th December.

Our worship together is having to take a new format, and some of the things that we value most about worshipping together will inevitably be different for a while.  Please see the guidelines below.  The weekly pre-recorded services made during the suspension will also continue for the time being.

Sunday 6 December: Advent 2

Recorded Service and 10.30am Holy Communion

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Sunday 13 December: Advent 3

Recorded Service and 10.30am Morning Worship

Mrs Christine Morgan

4.00pm Craft @ 4 via Zoom

Contact Claire to book

Sunday 20 December: Advent 4

Recorded Carol Service (video) and 10.30am Morning Worship

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Thursday 24 December: Christmas Eve

4.00pm Christingle Service via Zoom

Contact Claire to book
Mrs Claire Knight & Revd Catherine Bowstead

11.30pm Holy Communion

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Friday 25 December: Christmas Day

Recorded Service and 10.30am Christmas Family Service

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Sunday 27 December

Recorded Service only

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Sunday 3 January 2021

Recorded Service and 10.30am Morning Worship

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Sunday 10 January

Recorded Covenant Service and
10.30am Covenant Service with Holy Communion

Revd Catherine Bowstead

4.00pm Craft @ 4

Sunday 17 January

Recorded Service and 10.30am Morning Worship

Mr Mike Bowstead

Sunday 24 January

Recorded Service and 10.30am Morning Worship

Revd Catherine Bowstead

Sunday 31 January

Recorded Service and 10.30am Morning Worship

Revd Soba Sinnathamby


Sunday Worship in Church: Guidelines

To ensure that we can accommodate everyone who arrives for worship on a Sunday morning we ask that you please book a place.  To do this you need to contact the office by noon on Friday each week either by email or phone contact details here.  If there are no places left, you will be given priority for the following Sunday.  For services on 24 and 25 December book by noon on 22nd.

You are welcome to arrive from 10am when the building is open.  Please ensure that you are wearing a face covering, and queue to enter following the 2m spacing guidelines.  Use the hand sanitiser to clean your hands.  The welcome steward will check your name on the bookings list – this will also be our “track and trace” record which will be kept in a secure place and destroyed after 21 days.  A steward will then direct you to a seat, filling up the church from the back using seats at the end of every other row (if you are unable to climb the steps to the back, you will be able to sit nearer the front).  Please sit where you are directed and stay there until you are invited to leave at the end of the service, and please keep your face covering on throughout your time in the building.

The service will last about 40 minutes.  It will include some music, but at present we are not permitted to sing.  We have put some screens in front of the pulpit and lectern so that those leading worship do not need to wear masks.  All the words needed for the service will be on the screens.  If you wish to use a hymn book or Bible you will need to bring your own with you, or you can ask a steward if you can borrow one of our hymn books which you can bring with you each week.  We will provide some activities for children, but they will need to sit with their family in church.

At the end of the service please wait to be invited to leave by the steward.  Those sitting at the front will leave first, either through the garden gate or by the main church door.  Please don’t stop to chat on the way out but wait until you are right outside the building.  Peach Place might be a good place for you to pause for a chat before you go home.

In summary:

  • Book a place by noon on Friday
  • Wear a face covering
  • Use the hand sanitiser
  • Sit where you are directed by a steward and stay there until you are invited to leave
  • Don’t stop to chat until you are outside the building.

Service Recordings

These services are stored in SoundCloud and players are embedded below.  These players use cookies in accordance with the SoundCloud Cookie policy.  They may collect usage data for analytics purposes.

Sunday 6 December - Advent 2 Recorded Service - Revd Catherine Bowstead

Order of Service:

Music StF 180     O come, O come, Immanuel      
Welcome     Call to Worship     Catherine Bowstead
Hymn StF 172     Hills of the north, rejoice     tune: Little Cornard
Prayers     Adoration, Confession and Collect     Catherine Bowstead
Advent liturgy     Lighting the second candle     Kim Tame
Music StF 166     Christmas is coming      
Readings     Isaiah 40: 1-11     Mike Bowstead
      Mark 1: 1-8     Mike Bowstead
Music StF 180     O come, O come, Immanuel      
Sermon     Prepare the way for the Lord     Catherine Bowstead
Hymn StF 169     Come, thou long-expected Jesus     tune: Stuttgart
Prayers     Intercessions and Lord's Prayer     Mike Bowstead
Hymn StF 188     There’s a light upon the mountains      
Blessing           Catherine Bowstead
Music StF 171     Hark the glad sound!     tune: Bristol


StF 172

  1. Hills of the north, rejoice,
    river and mountain-spring,
    hark to the advent voice;
    valley and lowland, sing.
    Christ comes in righteousness and love,
    he brings salvation from above.
  1. Isles of the southern seas,
    sing to the listening earth;
    carry on every breeze
    hope of a world’s new birth:
    in Christ shall all be made anew;
    his word is sure, his promise true.
  1. Lands of the east, arise!
    He is your brightest morn;
    greet him with joyous eyes,
    let praise his path adorn:
    your seers have longed to know their Lord;
    to you he comes, the final Word.
  1. Shores of the utmost west,
    lands of the setting sun,
    welcome the heavenly guest
    in whom the dawn has come:
    he brings a never-ending light,
    who triumphed o’er our darkest night.
  1. Shout, as you journey on;
    songs be in every mouth!
    Lo, from the north they come,
    from east and west and south:
    in Jesus all shall find their rest,
    in him the universe be blest.

Charles Ernest Oakley (1832–1865)
and Editors of English Praise, 1975
CCLI Streaming Licence 583214

StF 169

  1. Come, thou long-expected Jesus,
    born to set thy people free,
    from our fears and sins release us,
    let us find our rest in thee.
  1. Israel's strength and consolation,
    hope of all the earth thou art,
    dear desire of every nation,
    joy of every longing heart.
  1. Born thy people to deliver,
    born a child and yet a king,
    born to reign in us for ever,
    now thy gracious kingdom bring.
  1. By thine own eternal Spirit
    rule in all our hearts alone;
    by thine all-sufficient merit
    raise us to thy glorious throne.

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

StF 188

  1. There's a light upon the mountains,
        and the day is at the spring,
    when our eyes shall see the beauty
        and the glory of the King;
    weary was our heart with waiting,
        and the night-watch seemed so long;
    but his triumph-day is breaking,
        and we hail it with a song.
  1. There's a hush of expectation,
        and a quiet in the air;
    and the breath of God is moving
        in the fervent breath of prayer:
    for the suffering, dying Jesus
        is the Christ upon the throne,
    and the travail of our spirit
        is the travail of his own.
  1. He is breaking down the barriers,
        he is casting up the way;
    he is calling for his angels
        to build up the gates of day:
    but his angels here are human,
        not the shining hosts above;
    for the drum-beats of his army
        are the heart-beats of our love.
  1. Hark!  We hear a distant music,
        and it comes with fuller swell;
    'tis the triumph-song of Jesus,
        of our King, Immanuel:
    Zion, go now forth to meet him;
        and, my soul, be swift to bring
    all your finest and your noblest
        for the triumph of our King!

Henry Burton (1840–1930)

Organ music played by Rev. Clyde McLennan,

Sunday 29 November - Advent Sunday Recorded Service - Mrs Doreen Murgatroyd

Order of Service:

Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - introduction     tune: St Saviour
Welcome     Call to Worship - Psalm 42     Doreen Murgatroyd
Advent liturgy     Lighting of first candle     Christine Morgan
Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - v 1     tune: St Saviour
Prayers     Adoration and Confession     Doreen Murgatroyd
Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - v 2     tune: St Saviour
Reading     Isaiah 64: 1-9     Martin Jackson
Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - v 3     tune: St Saviour
Reading     Mark 13: 24-37     Martin Jackson
Hymn StF 175     Light of the world,
    you stepped down into darkness
    played and sung by
    Eve Bull
Sermon           Doreen Murgatroyd
Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - v 4     tune: St Saviour
Prayers     Intercessions and Lord's Prayer     Claire Knight
Hymn MP 493
    (StF 180)
    O come, O come, Emmanuel     played and sung by
    Eve Bull
Blessing           Doreen Murgatroyd
Music MP 210     Hark the glad sound! - v 5     tune: St Saviour


MP 210  (StF 171) - this is interspersed through the service

  1. Hark the glad sound!  The Saviour comes,
    the Saviour promised long;
    let every heart prepare a throne,
    and every voice a song.
  1. He comes the prisoners to release,
    in Satan's bondage held;
    the chains of sin before Him break,
    the iron fetters yield.
  1. He comes to free the captive mind
    where evil thoughts control;
    and for the darkness of the blind,
    gives light that makes them whole.
  1. He comes the broken heart to bind,
    the wounded soul to cure;
    and with the treasures of His grace
    to enrich the humble poor.
  1. Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,
    Your welcome shall proclaim;
    and heaven's eternal arches ring
    with Your belovèd name.

Philip Doddridge (1702–1751)

StF 175

  1. Light of the world,
    you stepped down into darkness,
    opened my eyes, let me see
    beauty that made this heart adore you,
    hope of a life spent with you.

So here I am to worship,
here I am to bow down,
here I am to say that you're my God,
and you're altogether lovely,
altogether worthy,
altogether wonderful to me.

  1. King of all days
    oh so highly exalted,
    glorious in heaven above.
    Humbly you came
    to the earth you created,
    all for love's sake became poor.

So here I am to worship …

And I'll never know how much it cost
to see my sin upon that cross.
And I'll never know how much it cost
to see my sin upon that cross.

So here I am to worship …

Tim Hughes
CCLI Streaming Licence 583214

MP 493  verses 1, 2, 4, 5   (StF 180  verses 1, 2, 5, 4)

  1. O come, O come, Emmanuel,
    and ransom captive Israel,
    that mourns in lonely exile here
    until the Son of God appear.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Emmanuel
shall come to thee, O Israel.

  1. O come, O come, Thou Lord of might
    who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height,
    in ancient times didst give the law
    in cloud, and majesty, and awe.
  1. O come, Thou dayspring, come and cheer
    our spirits by Thine advent here;
    disperse the gloomy clouds of night,
    and death's dark shadows put to flight.
  1. O come, Thou Key of David, come,
    and open wide our heavenly home;
    make safe the way that leads on high,
    and close the path to misery.

Latin, 18th century, based on the ancient Advent Antiphons
translated by John Mason Neale (1811–1866)

Organ music played by Rev. Clyde McLennan,

Sunday 22 November - Recorded Service - Revd Catherine Bowstead

Order of Service:    Christ the King Sunday

Music StF 20     Be still, for the presence of the Lord,
    the Holy One, is here
Welcome     Call to Worship     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Hymn StF 317     At the name of Jesus
    every knee shall bow
    tune: Camberwell
Prayers     Adoration and Confession     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Readings     Ephesians 1: 15-23:  Paul's prayer     Bill Barry
      Matthew 25: 31-46:  The parable
    of the sheep and goats
    Bill Barry
Music StF 481     The Lord’s my shepherd     tune: Townend 
Sermon     Jesus the Judge     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Music StF 481     The Lord's my shepherd     tune: Townend
Prayers     Intercessions (based in StF 672)
    and Lord's Prayer
    Rosi MorganBarry
Hymn StF 346     Christ is the world’s light,
    Christ and none other
    tune: Christe Sanctorium
Blessing           Revd Catherine Bowstead
Music StF 20     Be still      


StF 317

  1. At the name of Jesus
    every knee shall bow,
    every tongue confess him
    King of Glory now.
    'Tis the Father's pleasure
    we should call him Lord,
    who from the beginning
    was the mighty Word.
  1. Humbled for a season,
    to receive a name
    from the lips of sinners
    unto whom he came,
    faithfully he bore it
    spotless to the last,
    brought it back victorious
    when from death he passed:
  1. Bore it up triumphant
    with its human light,
    through all ranks of creatures
    to the central height,
    to the throne of Godhead,
    to the Father's breast;
    filled it with the glory
    of that perfect rest.
  1. In your hearts enthrone him;
    there let him subdue
    all that is not holy,
    all that is not true;
    crown him as your captain
    in temptation's hour:
    let his will enfold you
    in its light and power.
  1. For this same Lord Jesus
    shall return again,
    with his Father's glory,
    with his angel train;
    all the wreaths of empire
    meet upon his brow,
    and our hearts confess him
    King of Glory now.

Caroline Maria Noel (1817–1877)

StF 346

  1. Christ is the world's light, Christ and none other;
    born in our darkness, he became our brother.
    If we have seen him, we have seen the Father:
    glory to God on high.
  1. Christ is the world's Peace, Christ and none other;
    no one can serve him and despise another;
    who else unites us, one in God the Father?
    Glory to God on high.
  1. Christ is the world's Life, Christ and none other;
    sold once for silver, murdered here, our brother —
    he, who redeems us, reigns with God the Father:
    glory to God on high.
  1. Give God the glory, God and none other;
    give God the glory, Spirit, Son, and Father;
    give God the glory, God with us, my brother:
    glory to God on high.

Fred Pratt Green (1903–2000)    CCLI Streaming Licence 583214

Organ music played by Rev. Clyde McLennan,

Sunday 15 November - Recorded Service - Mr David Morgan

Order of Service:

Music StF 399     When deep despair casts out all light      tune: Repton
Welcome     Introduction - Call to Worship     David Morgan
Hymn StF 608
    vv1-3, 6
    All praise to our redeeming Lord
    tune: Lucius
Prayers     Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving     David Morgan
Reading     Lamentations 3: 16-26     Jane Bonney
Music StF 694     By the Babylonian rivers      
Reading      1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11     Jane Bonney
Hymn StF 693     Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair      
Message     The Lord will be with us for ever     David Morgan
Music StF 455     All my hope on God is founded      
Prayers     Intercessions and Lord's Prayer     Mike Goddard  
Hymn StF 545     Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart
played by Mike Cole & Andy Kensley, Woosehill Music Group
Blessing           David Morgan
Music StF 455     All my hope on God is founded      


StF 608  vv:1-3, 6

  1. All praise to our redeeming Lord,
    who joins us by his grace,
    and bids us, each to each restored,
    together seek his face.
  1. He bids us build each other up;
    and, gathered into one,
    to our high calling's glorious hope
    we hand in hand go on.
  1. The gift which he on one bestows,
    we all delight to prove;
    the grace through every vessel flows,
    in purest streams of love.
  1. And if our fellowship below
    in Jesus be so sweet,
    what heights of rapture shall we know
    when round his throne we meet!

Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

StF 693

  1. Beauty for brokenness,
    hope for despair,
    Lord, in your suffering world
    this is our prayer.
    Bread for the children,
    justice, joy, peace,
    sunrise to sunset,
    your kingdom increase!
  1. Shelter for fragile lives,
    cures for their ills,
    work for all people,
    trade for their skills;
    land for the dispossessed,
    rights for the weak,
    voices to plead the cause
    of those who can't speak.

God of the poor,
friend of the weak,
give us compassion we pray:
melt our cold hearts,
let tears fall like rain;
come, change our love
from a spark to a flame.

  1. Refuge from cruel wars,
    havens from fear,
    cities for sanctuary,
    freedoms to share.
    Peace to the killing-fields,
    scorched earth to green,
    Christ for the bitterness,
    his cross for the pain.
  1. Rest for the ravaged earth,
    oceans and streams
    plundered and poisoned —
    our future, our dreams.
    Lord, end our madness,
    carelessness, greed;
    make us content with
    the things that we need.


  1. Lighten our darkness,
    breathe on this flame
    until your justice burns
    brightly again;
    until the nations
    learn of your ways,
    seek your salvation
    and bring you their praise.


Graham Kendrick (b. 1950)    CCLI Streaming Licence 583214

StF 545

  1. Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart,
    be all else but naught to me, save that thou art;
    be thou my best thought in the day and the night,
    both waking and sleeping, thy presence my light.
  1. Be thou my wisdom, be thou my true word,
    be thou ever with me, and I with thee, Lord;
    be thou my great Father, thy child let me be;
    be thou in me dwelling, and I one with thee.
  1. Be thou my breastplate, my sword for the fight;
    be thou my whole armour, be thou my true might;
    be thou my soul's shelter, be thou my strong tower:
    O raise thou me heavenward, great Power of my power.
  1. Riches I heed not, nor earth's empty praise:
    be thou mine inheritance now and always;
    be thou and thou only the first in my heart:
    O Sovereign of heaven, my treasure thou art.
  1. High King of heaven, thou heaven's bright Sun,
    O grant me its joys after victory is won;
    Great Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
    still be thou my vision, O Ruler of all.

Irish, 8th century
translated by Mary Elizabeth Byrne (1880–1931)
versified by Eleanor Henrietta Hull (1860–1935)

Organ music played by Rev. Clyde McLennan,

Sunday 8 November - Remembrance Sunday Recorded Service - Revd Catherine Bowstead

Order of Service:

Music StF 470     Lord, for the years your love has
kept and guided
    tune: Lord of the years
Welcome     Call to Worship     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Hymn StF 51     Great is thy faithfulness     tune: Faithfulness
Prayers     Adoration and Confession     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Reading     Matthew 25: 1-13     David Morgan
Music StF 76     Give me oil in my lamp      
Reading      1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18     Christine Morgan
Sermon     We will be with the Lord for ever     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Music StF 132     O God our help in ages past     tune: St Anne
Act of
    See details below     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Prayers     Intercessions and Lord's Prayer     David Morgan
      A Silver lining     Revd Catherine Bowstead
Hymn StF 132     O God our help in ages past     tune: St Anne
Blessing           Revd Catherine Bowstead
Music      Now the day is over
    Revd S. Baring-Gould
    tune: Merrial (Barnby)

StF 51

  1. Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father,
    there is no shadow of turning with thee;
    thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not;
    as thou hast been thou for ever wilt be:

Great is thy faithfulness!  Great is thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
all I have needed thy hand hath provided.
Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.

  1. Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest,
    sun, moon and stars in their courses above,
    join with all nature in manifold witness
    to thy great faithfulness, mercy and love:
  1. Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,
    thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
    strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
    blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

Thomas O. Chisholm (1866–1960)    CCLI Streaming Licence 583214

Act of Remembrance:
Let us remember before God,
and commend to his sure keeping
        those who have died for their country in war;
        those whom we knew and whose memory we treasure;
        and all who have lived and died in the service of humanity.

Big Ben strikes 11am

The Exhortation:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
We will remember them.

        Laurence Binyon (1869–1943)

The Two Minute Silence is observed.

Reveille is sounded.

The Kohima Epitaph:
When you go home, tell them of us and say,
For your tomorrow, we gave our today.

        John Maxwell Edmonds (1875-1958)

StF 132  vv:1-4, 6-7

  1. O God, our help in ages past,
    our hope for years to come,
    our shelter from the stormy blast,
    and our eternal home.
  1. Under the shadow of thy throne
    thy saints have dwelt secure;
    sufficient is thine arm alone,
    and our defence is sure.
  1. Before the hills in order stood
    or earth received her frame,
    from everlasting thou art God,
    to endless years the same.
  1. A thousand ages in thy sight
    are like an evening gone,
    short as the watch that ends the night
    before the rising sun.
  1. Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
    bears all its sons away;
    they fly forgotten, as a dream
    dies at the opening day.
  1. O God, our help in ages past,
    our hope for years to come,
    be thou our guard while life shall last,
    and our eternal home.

Isaac Watts (1674–1748)

Organ music played by Rev. Clyde McLennan,